Henri and Jane van Gemert, Region K Historians

Henri and Jane, Region K Historians

First some history on the new historians...We emmigrated from The Netherlands to Canada in January 1966 with three boys in tow, and nine months thereafter, we added a girl to our clan, a Canadian: eh.

Over the years our family expanded with three daughters-in-law and one son-in-law, and out of these unions we gained twelve grand children, so we prospered well in this country.

In the early eighties we owned a small van type motorhome, and needed some extra transportation when we were out camping, so I was going to buy a scooter or something similar to mount on the back of the motorhome, Good Idea, but one thing was missing I never rode a motorcycle in my life, so I took out a learners permit to get the MC endorsement on my drivers license.
First Motorcycle

I bought a 400 CC small twin Honda motorcycle and started to experiment in the motorcycle world, (and got hooked). I did get the MC endorsement on my license (how, this is another story).

I mounted the Honda on the back of the motorhome and in the spring of 1984 we were off to Florida for some vacation and MC riding, and we got more hooked.

The only thing wrong was the bike was too small for two adults, so back home we started to look for a larger bike. At Burlington Cycle we saw this beautiful four cylinder 1200cc wineberry 1984 new Goldwing. Now we were completely HOOKED.

Through my work I was project manager for an electrical construction company when I came in contact with Gordy Sinclair, who also owned a Goldwing and he signed us up with GWRRA. The only chapter then was A in Toronto, and I was still very much involved with my work, so the next couple of years we just rode alone when I was free. In 1987 Gordy Sinclair asked us if we were interested to be part of a new chapter in the Hamilton-Burlington area, so we became Charter members of Chapter M with Irving and Miriam Allen as Area Reps. That was the title for Chapter Director then.

This was the beginning of a wonderful 19 years. We gained lots of new friends, saw the Region and the chapters grow and disappear. We were four years Chapter Directors of Chapter O Oakville; we went together with M after four years.

We are now Life Members with GWRRA and enjoy the comeraderie and friendship we gained through the years from this large organization and we are still going strong, and now you know the history of the historians.

Any History Bytes on Region K would be welcome.
Please email us at henrivangemert@gmail.com

Henri and Jane van Gemert
Burlington, Ontario