History of Region K

We are looking at the designation of the letter K in the history of GWRRA in Canada.

I have been going through some old news letters and talking to life time members, one of them is Ron Williamson from Ajax, membership No 722. This is a very low membership number; he has been around a long time.

According to the information I gathered, in 1981 Chapter A was formed with Bruce Allan as Area Rep, this Chapter became A Wallaceburg later on in 1991 with Bob and Agnes Saylor as Directors (more about them later). I have not been able to get much information from my old copies of Wing World as they only go back as far as 1983. Anyone who has older Wing World copies and wants to donate them, please contact me at henrivangemert@gmail.com

In 1983 the whole of Canada was one Region called K, and there were in the beginning of the year only 386 members, but in the same year, September to be exact, this number increased to 595, so there was a good growing trend in Canada. Total membership in GWRRA internationally was 20,600 members.

In 1983 the Canadian Region K Director was Robert Denton, and there were seven Chapters with three of them in Ontario. They were Chapter A Oshawa - AR Bruce Allan, Chapter B Gloucester - AR Dennis Coté (chartered in February 1983 with Assistance rep Gordon Abry, and finally chapter C Trenton - AR Ben DeWitt who also was Regional Director of Ontario at the time.

(The letters AR were short for Area Representative; today they are called Chapter Directors.)


1984 was a year of change again. Calgary became a region all its own called Region K and Ontario changed to Region O with Bernard DeWitt as Region O Director. And we added two chapters: D Shanty Bay - AR Arthur Lowe, Chapter E Kitchener - AR Bob Ginzerich, and the Chapter C Lead was taken over by Lawrence Farrar, now in Belleville. In 1984 Canada was 940 members strong.

Not much changed in 1985. Region O added two more chapters: F Thunder bay, Dave Stempein as AR, and Chapter G St Catharine's with Dick Ahle running the show.

The first Eastern Canadian Wing Gathering was held June 14 - 16 in Trenton, "The Bay of Quinte" organized by Bernie DeWitt. I found this old flyer and the cost of the Rally was more in line with 1985 twenty-one years ago.

In 1986 they repeated the Wing Gathering again, the rally registration went up to $25 , but the rally shirts were only $8, things were much cheaper in those days. Membership in Canada was 1597 and total GWRRA 33277 (and growing!).

Five more chapters were added.

 H Mississauga, AR Gerry Young I Trenton, AR Cheryl Dillon
 J Markham, AR Mike Walsh L Alliston, AR Rodger Guthrie
 K Newmarket, AR Mike Skyba George Tozer became AR of chapter A
 Phil Skinner became Ontario Provincial Director


In 1987 the Canadian Director was Bloyce Coles, AND WE THEN BECAME REGION B(!) with George Tozer in the position of Region Director and Ontario Provincial Director was now Lawrence Farrar. The next chapter M was ready to get their Charter (I was one of the original charter members). The first Wing Whirl was held in Ottawa in September 1987 and organized by Rodger Leblanc.

In 1988, a Canadian Wing Fling was held in Stratford Ontario and Wing Whirl was repeated in Ottawa with Bob Mallais as the organizer for the event. There were 13 chapters in Ontario now and we were still Region B with George Tozer at the helm, and Irving Allen as the AR of the newest and latest chapter M Hamilton-Burlington.

In 1989 we unfortunately lost Chapters D and E. The Ontario Director was now Gerry Abry. Chapter B again organized another Wing Whirl and this time the event was held in Gatineau with the help of Dwight Buckland as the organizer.


Then the world changed, a new Region K was formed and we started all over again. This will be the next story in the making...