Past Region K Directors

Region Directors from 1990 till 2014. I have to go back to 1989; I think we were Region B then, when there were some problems between GWRRA home office and Canada. The Canadian Chapters had to sign a new statement of memorandum because the start of GWRRA Canada and the way this was written the chapter Reps (this was the title then) thought they were financially responsible if things went wrong, so they refused to sign on the dotted line and GWRRA cancelled all the chapters in Ontario. So for two years there were 2 chapters in Manitoba and one in Quebec. I remember we had to come up with a new name for chapter M, and we became the Golden Horseshoe Wings.

Now ahead 2 years when GWRRA asked David Griffiths, the Canadian Director then, who was a helicopter pilot from the east (I think Nova Scotia) to start the new Region K , and he asked Mike and Lois Barr if they wanted to take the new Region K and bring it back the way it was before. 1991 the first chapter in Region K was the newly formed Chapter Ontario "O" Oakville, and after time slowly all the chapters rejoined again which was Mike and Lois’ legacy. They organized our first Poker Run in Carlisle, 15 Year anniversary party of GWRRA in Christy's Conservation Park, and Wing Fling in Peterborough, which became a great success. In 1993 they stepped down, and are fondly remembered for the work they did for the Region K.

1993 was also the year Brian and Carole Thurston became the new Region K Directors, with Brian and Delia Lewis as provincial directors. They started in 1993 the Provincial Ride in Blenheim at the Don Cowley Farm, a camping weekend that became very popular yearly event for the next five years. They also started a new Chapter "C" in Breslau near Kitchener. They also started a new region K Pin and the Chapter Bars; in order to acquire one you had to attend a chapter breakfast or chapter function Brian Thurston, a private investigator and wife Carole lived in Platteville with 3 sons started with Chapter "E" Kitchener. 1994 was the first Ride in for the Region (it became later Rendezvous) in Gananoque. This was a fun weekend with the Chapter Beaver Race and chapter "M" graffiti show and nice rides. Brian and Delia Lewis became district directors and Region K had now 12 chapters. Area Directors are now called Chapter Directors.

1995 The Thurstons stepped down and Brian and Delia Lewis (the tall people) became the new Region Directors. Their motto of GWRRA was FUN and they organized the second Region rally in Gananoque. They did a great job and we had lots of FUN. Brian and Delia lived in Drumbo Ontario, and after their stint as directors they moved to Belleville to retire. I think they became school bus drivers. 1996 Rendezvous was held at the Ben Bleaker centre in Belleville for the graffiti shows was now open to all chapters and a new trophy was created for the winning chapter and it was called the WINGNUT AWARD. I don't remember who won that year.

1997 - This was the year we changed Region Directors again Russ and Claire Devlin took over the job from Brian and Delia. The Rendezvous was in Belleville and the motto was Voyageur. We now had 19 chapters, the last one that came on line in 1997 North Bay; at our yearly region meeting we had a visitor from the main office GWRRA in Phoenix, Mike Wright. He was impressed the way we were doing things in Canada. 1998 was the year Russ and Clare moved the yearly Rendezvous to Mansfield Outdoor Centre a camping place north of Toronto. The first year was a murder mystery theme - wait I remember Don Norris was the victim. One more great weekend that year.

1999 Mansfield was again the place for our gathering with the theme Back to the 50's. A great weekend and again the organizers were Russ and Clare, Don and Carolyn Norris, and Frank and Barb Murphy. They did a splendid job and we also had again a talent show 2001 Russ and Clare stepped down, Dennis and Yvonne Evans took over and became the new Region K Directors. They were part of chapter G and organized the spring Rendezvous at the Welland Exhibition two years in a row and they were involved in Toys for Tots. In 2003 they stepped down and became National Canadian Directors taking over this title from Gordon Murphy.

2003 - This is the year the longest surviving Region Directors were appointed - Bob and Caroline Pinet. Bob’s background is New Brunswick with his roots Acadian and he is very proud of it. He is also fluent in our two national languages. 2004 Rendezvous was held in Milton Heritage Park, the date was 24 May weekend - cold and raining but we had again a good talent show. 2005 the Rendezvous was held in Limoges near Ottawa again 24 May weekend, 2006 Limoges was a repeat, but this time it was moved to August 4 weekend for warmer weather. 2007 - St. Thomas was the choice for the next Rendezvous. 2008 - We all went to North Bay, 2009 back to Belleville at the Hearing institute. July 23,2010 Niagara Falls was the chosen place , 2011 we went back to Limoges for the third time July 29, 2011. A new site was found at the Nav Centre in Cornwall – again August long weekend (I remember the Scottish Games and Bag Pipes), 2013 we went to Owen Sound. This was a camping weekend, and this year 2014 we are back in the Nav Centre in Cornwall. So you can see Bob and Caroline and their legacy will be they kept the Rendezvous going, and they introduced the mouse trap races which became a great success. Bob also became the Region UTMI Master Instructor, and also promoted PLP training and Rider Education.

So this is the story of all the Region Directors I remember. If any one remembers more on this part of Region K History, my email is