2004 Rendezvous

The old Box May 2004 Rendezvous in Milton Ontario, I thought lets share this one on the Region K History page. When chapter M was not riding their bikes they were impersonating famous people, so at the 2004 Rendezvous at the Milton Fair grounds we were putting on a graffiti show with the practice at our house in Burlington. Here are some pictures I found to share.

Here our show Director and announcer and producer Roland Hervieux getting the show practice going.
Here two Hawaiian dancing girls James Remington Joe Marques (Papa) Joe (beautiful Girls!!!!!!!)
This act was later cancelled
Here we have I think Tina Turner getting her hair straightened out (Jean Perkin)
Here one of the Blues Brothers (Roy Perkin) getting ready for the act
The song of Sam Cooke the Chain Gang Performed by Me(Henri van Gemert) and Steffen Pedersen pulling a heavy ball chained to our leg
Dolly Pardon getting jealous stares from two admiring ladies (Patricia Walkinshaw)
And now some pictures of the show in Milton. Here John Cash and June Carter (Jackie and Ross Branston) with the classic guitar
Sonny and Cher doing I love you baby (Jim and Betty Watson) Cher was wearing a low cut out dress
Buddy Holly (Dennis Walkinshaw) and female fan (Papa Joe) in drag
The blues brothers doing their stuff (Roy Perkin and Evan Wrigley)
Dolly Pardon in full glory and showing her stuff (Patricia Walkinshaw)
Tina Turner in full glory doing her part (Jean Perkin) We had lots of fun putting the show together at my place and on the stage in the Milton Heritage center during the Region K Rendezvous in 2004