1994 Blenheim Ride-In

The Ontario Ride-ins were always camping weekends on the farm of Don Cowley located on HW 3, entering Blenheim from the East.

We always went in style. Look at the setup we had. This is my Daughter in law visiting us the first day.
The ride-in was always on the August long weekend. They were very well organized by chapter A of Blenheim
(now in Chatham)
Here we are entering the city
Welcome greetings from the mayor
We also received Blenheim pins from the Mayor
Here is one of the games, there were two teams and the trick was which team was the first to fish a spoon on a string through the shirt and the pens of the team
you get some hilarious situations
in the next game you put your head on a baseball bat, turn 10 times around and then carry the bucket of water 20 feet and bring it back.
Not too many made it.
He lost his balance and never made it to the bucket
The next game was to toss a water balloon over to the other team and catch it without breaking the balloon
They are the catching team and made the catch this time
Not so lucky this time, it broke up in the air
This is chapter A the organizers of the ride-in. Charley Cowell was the chapter director then. They always did a great job.
Frank and Nancy O Neil became Region couple of the year.
Don Cowley and his mother were honoured for us using the farm grounds.
We also went on a ride to Windsor. They were recreating the war of 1812 in a park on the river with the flintlocks and lots of smoke and sounds.
They also fired a cannon
We also made a group photo in Windsor.
The weather was excellent.
The weekend ended with a dinner at Pappas Louisie the best place to eat in Blenheim
Lots of fun and good food
Winding down the weekend on Sunday night. We miss the Ride-Ins.
We always had lots of fun, and FUN is one of the words in the GWRRA MOTTO