The Gold Wing Road Riders Association is a diverse group of motorcyclists that enjoy motorcycle touring and the social cameraderie of like-minded people. The GWRRA was founded in 1977, two years after Honda introduced their new GL1000 Gold Wing. Since 1977, the GWRRA has grown to more than 82,000 members world wide. While the GWRRA is directed at owners of Honda Gold Wing and Valkyrie motorcycles, our members own and ride a wide variety of motorcycles. Membership in GWRRA does not require ownership of a motorcycle; only an interest in motorcycles and the lifestyle associated with riding a motorcycle. In keeping with the Association motto - "Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge", GWRRA provides additional value to the motorcycling experience by promoting the social aspect of like-minded individuals and providing motorcycle- and general-interest education and training through local chapters.

Canada is divided up into three large regions: Region J (Great Northwest), Region K (Central Canada), and Region L (Canadian Atlantic). Region K Central Canada is comprised of Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, with 24 chapters, and about 1500 members.

Once you join the GWRRA, you can participate with as many chapters as you choose, wherever you are, worldwide. You decide your own level of involvement and time spent riding and participating. Wherever you happen to be, riding or not, you are welcomed. GWRRA membership opens doors of friendship everywhere you ride whether it be locally, regionally, internationally, or to any of GWRRA's numerous rallies.

Region K organizes a regional rally, known as Rendezvous, usually held in late July / early August.. GWRRA also has an international rally called Wing Ding, which is held at a different location each year in the United States. Wing Ding occurs during the week of July 1st each year. As well, Europe is has Wing Ding Europe (started in 2007). Additional rallies are held in most GWRRA regions and can be determined by visiting GWRRA's home website.

GWRRA offers the following benefits to its members:

  • Camaraderie and fellowship with like-minded individuals
  • Sharing in the pleasure of riding motorcycles, exploring local and far-away riding territories
  • Insurance benefits with insurance premiums reduced
  • Rescue Roadside Assistance just a phone call away
  • GWRRA Gold Book listing members worldwide willing to help with local directions, and in emergencies
  • Wing World monthly magazine packed with motorcycle touring stories, chapter goings-on, technical advice, as well as dealer announcements and vendor advertisements
  • GWRRA workshops and courses
  • Leadership training
  • Rider Education

Joining GWRRA

You'll soon discover belonging to the Gold Wing Road Riders Association is an enormous value for a very small investment. As of November 2006, for owners of Gold Wings or Valkyries, individual annual membership is US$45 (US$50 for Associate memberships, ie, non-Gold Wing / Valkyrie owners). A family membership is US$55 (US$60 for Associate family memberships). Discounts are available for two or three year memberships. To join GWRRA, call (800) 843-9460. Or, write to GWRRA, PO Box 42450, Phoenix, Arizona, 85080-2450. You may also email GWRRA at MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover are accepted.

We are a proud and caring organization. Whether you ride in a group or alone, whether you're a "joiner" or a "loner", you'll find GWRRA offers something special for you and yours. Many first-timers come for "just a look" and find something to last a lifetime! Over 82,000 of your soon-to-be-closest friends invite you to join GWRRA! Discover the pride and confidence of belonging to the largest, best, and most-caring Gold Wing organization in the world - dedicated to Friendship, Fun, Safety and Knowledge! Come home to GWRRA.

For additional membership information, please check out the GWRRA website.