About the Chapter of the Year Program

The Chapter of the Year program was created and designed to stimulate Chapters to strive for excellence within their respective District and Region. Upon doing so, Districts, Regions, and National will recognize and honor those Chapters who have achieved excellent results throughout the year. At the end of each year, each District and Region will review the best of the best and give recognition and honor accordingly. Then prior to Wing Ding, National will review the Region’s Chapter of the Year selections and select one Chapter to receive the honor of GWRRA Chapter of the Year.

Basic Qualifications

The following basic qualifications must be met by any GWRRA Chapter wishing to participate in the Chapter of the Year Program.

The Chapter staff shall consist of at least:
  • Chapter Director
  • Assistant Chapter Director
  • Treasurer
  • Chapter Educator
  • Membership Enhancement Coordinator
  • The Chapter has paid its annual charting fees
  • The Chapter's newsletter is provided to all Chapter participants free of charge on a monthly basis
  • The Chapter meets monthly at an appropriate site for the purpose of establishing Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge
  • The Chapter's annual financial report for the yearwas correctly submitted on time to the District Director
  • The Chapter as a whole recruits a minimum of five (5) new members in the year