Life Member patch

For those individuals
who have been
a Member of GWRRA for
twenty consecutive years.

Chapter Name City Joined
ON-E Norma Khan Hanover, ON 04-Aug-2015
ON-B Barbara Stephens Kanata, ON 18-Apr-2013
ON-O Nancy Heathers Owen Sound, ON 28-Jan-2010
ON-N Laurie Marshall Haileyeury, ON 04-Mar-2009
ON-S Ann Walker Thamesford, ON 26-Jun-2008
ON-A Maureen Holmes Chatham, ON 14-Jan-2008
ON-S David Reynolds St Thomas, ON 21-Nov-2006
ON-S Charlene Burgess St Thomas, ON 21-Nov-2006
ON-B Christopher Taylor Winchester, ON 22-Jan-2006
ON-M Dorothy Mowbray Burlington, ON 18-Jan-2005
ON-G Charles Mclean St Catharines, ON 23-Jul-2004
ON-M Betty Watson Stoney Creek, ON 10-May-2004
ON-Y Hazel Carson Brampton, ON 17-Nov-2003
ON-M Marjorie Clutterbuck Mississauga, ON 24-Jul-2003
QC-D Michele Zubis St-Jean-Sur-Richelie, QC 09-Jul-2002
QC-D Gisele Lortie Les Coteaux, QC 06-Jan-2002
ON-M Renee F Lindsay Selkirk, ON 15-Aug-2001
ON-S Audrey Sherry Stratford, ON 31-Jul-2000
ON-H Brenda Mcnama Sault Ste Marie, ON 02-Jul-1999
ON-S Sarah J Brand London, ON 01-Sep-1998
ON-Y Jackie Branston Hamilton, ON 01-Nov-1997
ON-G Doug Carter Port Colborne, ON 01-Aug-1997
ON-G Brenda Carter Port Colborne, ON 01-Aug-1997
ON-S Mary Mylrea Rodney, ON 01-Jul-1997
ON-E Earl E Lannin Atwood, ON 01-Dec-1996
ON-E Liz A Lannin Atwood, ON 01-Dec-1996
ON-N Jean E Hurley Callander, ON 01-Dec-1996
ON-Q Elizabeth Quirk Belleville, ON 01-Dec-1996
ON-S Judy Brand London, ON 01-Aug-1996
ON-E James S Huber Kitchener, ON 01-Jul-1996
ON-G Michael Mclean St Catharines, ON 01-Apr-1996
ON-Y David W Guptill Brampton, ON 01-Apr-1996
ON-G Keith D Coles St Catharines, ON 01-Feb-1996
ON-H Carol Mccaig Thessalon, ON 01-Jan-1996
ON-Q Terry D Brinklow Napanee, ON 01-Jan-1996
ON-Q Eilene E Brinklow Napanee, ON 01-Jan-1996
ON-Q Nathan E Redden Belleville, ON 01-Jan-1996
ON-Q Deborah J Redden Belleville, ON 01-Jan-1996
ON-A Jerry G Gervais Windsor, ON 01-Dec-1995
ON-Y Ross Branston Hamilton, ON 01-Dec-1995
ON-S John B Massecar London, ON 01-Nov-1995
ON-S Marilyn C Massecar London, ON 01-Nov-1995
ON-G Vince Drouin Welland, ON 01-Oct-1995
ON-G Ethel Drouin Welland, ON 01-Oct-1995
ON-Q Victor A Root Wellington, ON 01-Oct-1995
ON-Q Marilyn L Root Wellington, ON 01-Oct-1995
ON-S Marylou Reynolds St Thomas, ON 01-Oct-1995
ON-A Murray J Little Blenheim, ON 01-Sep-1995
ON-H Mark Mccaig Thessalon, ON 01-Sep-1995
ON-M William H Lindsay Selkirk, ON 01-Aug-1995
ON-S Robert W Sherry Stratford, ON 01-Aug-1995
ON-E Delmer L Gingrich Midland, ON 01-Jul-1995
ON-H Sean P Mcnama Sault Ste Marie, ON 01-Jun-1995
ON-Q Keith W Walls Milford, ON 01-May-1995
ON-S Kenneth W Lockhart Fingal, ON 01-Mar-1995
ON-S Janice M Lockhart Fingal, ON 01-Mar-1995
ON-B Lorraine Tyrell Williamsburg, ON 01-Jan-1995
ON-O Doug A Shufflebotham Owen Sound, ON 01-Jan-1995
ON-S Arthur Maclean London, ON 01-Jan-1995
ON-B James W Graham Williamsburg, ON 01-Dec-1994
ON-B Debra Lahaise Russell, ON 01-Nov-1994
ON-E Rodney Henderson Waterloo, ON 01-Oct-1994
ON-G Judy Mclean St Catharines, ON 01-Oct-1994
ON-M James N Watson Stoney Creek, ON 01-Oct-1994
ON-Y Donald W Norris Bolton, ON 01-Oct-1994
ON-E David Robertson Guelph, ON 01-Sep-1994
MB-A Bruce Zilkowsky Winnipeg, MB 01-Jul-1994
ON-B Ken Erickson Russell, ON 01-Jul-1994
QC-G Jean-Pierre Sanscartier Drummondville, QC 01-Jul-1994
QC-G Huguette Sanscartier Drummondville, QC 01-Jul-1994
QC-G Steve Sanscartier Drummondville, QC 01-Jul-1994
QC-G Luc Sanscartier Drummondville, QC 01-Jul-1994
ON-O Barry L Heinmiller Palmerston, ON 01-May-1994
ON-Y Scott Silverberg Barrie, ON 01-Mar-1994
ON-N Ron A Hurley Callander, ON 01-Jan-1994
ON-Q William E Quirk Belleville, ON 01-Dec-1993
ON-F Ronald A Shostal Orleans, ON 01-Oct-1993
ON-Q Alex H Lyon Ennismore, ON 01-Oct-1993
ON-M Ray G Clutterbuck Mississauga, ON 01-Aug-1993
ON-S Ed Mylrea Rodney, ON 01-Aug-1993
ON-A Orion Steinberg Lasalle, ON 01-Jun-1993
ON-F Peter Caissie Orleans, ON 01-Mar-1993
ON-A Linda Holmes Chatham, ON 01-Feb-1993
ON-B John E Stephens Kanata, ON 01-Jan-1993
ON-N Harold H Marshall Haileyeury, ON 01-Dec-1992
ON-E Ronald J Litwiller Baden, ON 01-Oct-1992
ON-E Lois Litwiller Baden, ON 01-Oct-1992
ON-S Janet Smith St Thomas, ON 01-Jul-1992
ON-O Ron A Cherrey Drayton, ON 01-Feb-1992
ON-O Kathy I Cherrey Drayton, ON 01-Feb-1992
ON-B Paul M Taylor Winchester, ON 01-Jan-1992
ON-B Patricia M Taylor Winchester, ON 01-Jan-1992
ON-M Steffen Pedersen Burlington, ON 01-Jan-1992
ON-E Derrick Buehler Alma, ON 01-Nov-1991
QC-D Roger J Castonguay Lasalle, QC 01-Oct-1991
QC-D Lucy Castonguay Lasalle, QC 01-Oct-1991
MB-A Guy Beaudin Winnipeg, MB 01-Sep-1991
ON-O Donald J Luxton Thornton, ON 01-Aug-1991
ON-S William N Brand London, ON 01-Aug-1991
ON-S Bruce A Smith St Thomas, ON 01-Jul-1991
ON-G Bob M. Mclean St Catharines, ON 01-Jun-1991
ON-S Eldon S Walker Thamesford, ON 01-Jun-1991
ON-O David N Samuel Arthur, ON 01-Mar-1991
ON-O Betty-Anne Samuel Arthur, ON 01-Mar-1991
QC-D Raymond Perron St-Jean-Sur-Richelie, QC 01-Feb-1991
ON-N Checkers A. Mcroberts Parry Sound, ON 01-Oct-1990
QC-D Mike Galarneau Les Coteaux, QC 01-Oct-1990
QC-D Claude Masson Saint-Leonard, QC 01-Sep-1990
ON-E John R Marquis Kitchener, ON 01-May-1990
ON-G David A Bowman Welland, ON 01-May-1990
ON-Q Robert C Hagerman Madoc, ON 01-Feb-1990
ON-Q Doris Hagerman Madoc, ON 01-Feb-1990
MB-A Ernest G Seibel Kenora, ON 01-Sep-1989
ON-Y Barry Giblin Beaverton, ON 01-Apr-1989
ON-M Abbey M Hebert Hamilton, ON 01-Feb-1989
ON-M Barbara A Hebert Hamilton, ON 01-Feb-1989
ON-E John H Stemmler Hanover, ON 01-Aug-1988
MI-H2 Rosanne Lacharite Windsor, ON 01-Jun-1988
MI-H2 Ronald M Lacharite Windsor, ON 01-Jan-1988
ON-B John J Piening Rideau Ferry, ON 01-Oct-1987
ON-E Garry R Gibbons New Hamburg, ON 01-Sep-1987
MB-A Gary Thompson Winnipeg, MB 01-Aug-1985
MB-A Werner Niederdellmann Winnipeg, MB 01-Jun-1985