Rider Education Seminars

Level Up
This is a description of the Rider Education levels program, as a PowerPoint presentation.
Riding With New and/or Inexperienced Riders
All of us were "inexperienced" at one point. How do we assist the new rider, while making is Safe and Fun?
Dealing with different elements
What to expect, what to do, how to prepare…
Going, Going, Gone
Trip Planning, Mapping, and Packing
Night Riding
Tips for safe riding practices at night
Motorcycle Crash Scene Response
The unthinkable happens. Are you prepared to cope with an accident scene? This course suggests an appropriate course of action when a crash has occurred and prepares the member to respond with knowledge and confidence.
Motorcycling for Mature Riders
Informational tips for motorcyclists who want to continue to ride safely at age 50 and older.
Road Captain Course
What is really involved in leading a group? Learn about conducting a safe and well-planned ride. Learn the responsibilities of both the lead and the tail riders.
Seasoned Rider Supplement
The GWRRA MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) Seasoned Rider Supplement is designed to condense and organize the MSF Seasoned Rider Seminar down to 1 hour.
Team Riding Seminar
Team riding involves cooperative communication between the entire team. Learn the do’s and don’ts of riding together and enjoy the entire journey.
Trailering Seminar